Laser beam machining undertakes in logical place

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Be in BMW BMW company, solder more and more places in the process use laser technology. Everything is in now forward the path of German type is progressive, the personage inside very rare line of business did not hear of or read pass a barrier to be received at laser beam welding, cut and drill rod solder apply at the circumstance among the process that white automobile body makes. Having a kind of view is the standard application in making a process as its with laser technology about newest BMW 5 department. Use " laser blinkers " we already the model before (old 5 departments) put in " magnifier " below, thereby can them both undertake contrast. Be in new among 5 departments, laser beam welding is received include firewall (Firewall) , car trunk is built after, and hydraulic forming component (used technology of laser beam machining, be in by installation likewise BMW is new in the model of sail of 3 departments open) . The impression that gives a person is: Laser technology is used to appear in making and can not bring better result in automobile body, it is a kind of exorbitant requirement instead. Will look from this, be necessary to emphasize automobile manufacturing industry hardly is the mainest impetus that industrial laser technology applies and popularizes. Most laser application solders like gear, had used a lot of year, talk about them consequently without the person again. And a few be like Laser Cutting or laser bate interior trim (it is new BMW even the fabric among 5 departments) or the application that the application that laser beam welding receives plastic car keyhole to build shows automobile industry to have a large number of differring is likely. But, through laser is being used on car assembly line, once very long period of time appears so-called of the standard workmanship that regards automobile body as the domain with laser " top class car " . Solder newly to what automobile body makes the technique is the oldest driving is the abidance that reduces ceaselessly to automobile body weight is gone after. Realize lighter weight to need to the alternative mix up that is based on different material devises plan more and more. But, those who use new generation steel or aluminium alloy is different solder notional need will differ one kind solder of technical photograph mix up assemble a concept. Fasten photograph comparing with new BMW5, the use of other and complementary technology increased strung of old BMW 5 about 60 % . Laser beam welding receives aluminium and solder of laser drill rod to be joined in receiving technology to the laser beam welding of steel. This is meant " more application, " but this and of proponents of a lot of technology of the laser year ago forecast photograph comparing to still have larger space. Of BMW company solder the setting that reachs Hans Hornig of join technology manager to having laser technology: Without doubt, he is the elite of the laser inside course of study. Nevertheless, perhaps stemming from this one reason, he is in how should use what laser acted a key when this problem wisely " Zhu Geliang of after the event " part. Hornig says, "Very long since, we are realizing the promotion of product or productivity through choosing laser technology. But, the target of cost and quality must come true completely with this kind of craft. " consequently, he thinks this one circumstance restricted laser to make medium application in automobile body. Car manufacturer of Europe, be like BMW BMW, go up to use laser beam welding extensively to receive a technology like 645 Ci in a few models, this alive bound limits is banner. Let us look with Yu Xinbao horse the laser in 5 departments uses a case (still having 5 is caravan, 6 departments open car) , this makes laser became standard workmanship. It is firewall above all, it is carry join Ban gold and get containing crossbeam (hydraulic forming) crust. This laser application gets applied in model of already advanced generation, but can take without what experience however draw lessons from. The reason is: Whole front makes component composition by 72 aluminium, this need reconsiders connective means completely. Because the treatment that has two places can undertake solder and can use laser only from one side only. One place is firewall (the hydraulic forming of Ban gold) join, another place is to be in many bracket and annulus solder on hydraulic pressure beam. After this, panel part is gone to by join to appearance bracket on crossbeam. The experience of laser beam machining that accumulates before according to Hornig group, in large quantities of quantities production falls this kind to receive aluminium with laser beam welding idea needs a lot of pre-construction to work. Let us put whole technological process in " magnifier " next undertaking that define clearly. The metallographic circumstance of aluminium alloy needs to consider, additional material checks, need to consider with all process features that include intensity and quality. After studying and undertaking shaping on the robot laser system of innovation center, the conclusion that makes laser the instrument as the standard still holds water. Nextpage has two product line, each contain pump of one desk lamp 4kW Nd:YAG laser, two laser beam welding that are in Dingolfing factory everyday are received room the Ban gold that has exceeding 1000 times and bracket solder. Pure production time is 42 seconds, add cycle time window in all 72 seconds, right now the system can produce optimal effect. Be worth what carry is, solder the process used double solder to nod technology and solder. Hornig described the stability of this one process, "I more apt solders aluminous and not be to solder film steel material. If all limitation element gets be handlinged effectively, can produce the product that gives high quality with outstanding security. " in addition, machine aluminous component to still need to reconsider the problem that content sorts. Firewall Ban gold is passed overhead suspension conveyer belt carries past treatment station alone, prevent those who produce a likelihood to be out of shape, be out of shape will make the process that hold clip becomes difficult. In every treatment stands, those who two robots have a part put and move, in the every laser room that machines a station, a robot is operating the shift that stimulates connect of solder of beam of light. In addition, the history that the beam of hydraulic forming also is having use laser technology to produce -- figuration finish two paragraphs through Laser Cutting. Using two 2kWCO2 laser to have cut is the compositive part in concept of hydraulic forming system, this also comes true in Dingolfing factory likewise. Laser beam welding receives BMW clapboard to be among 5 departments, other laser welding line basically appears in the area that assures car safety. Active roll stabilizer (Active Roll Stabilizers) drive accordingly through making chassis suits condition and implementation is stable, bring comfortable with safety drive experience. Beam of light is stimulated to be used to in what place of system of laser of the 5kW CO2 in this one application gives out solder the component of stabilizer. Actually this to laser group already no longer fresh, because laser is this application apparently,have the method of cost effectiveness most. The production of 6 departments is having a few collective laser application with 5 departments, likewise laser beam welding receives roof. An existing system (contain two CO2 laser and flexible guide smooth lens) , ever was used at join BMW the roof of 7 departments - flank part, spare capacity achieves the yield of 6 departments. According to Introduction Hornig: "We use laser beam welding to receive the Ban gold part that eletroplates completely, actually the idea of border is opposite complete treatment quickly and take out the product from inside the system. " the example that here is respect of a cost: If the system has been over there, the computation of cost effectiveness looked to differ completely. Between this exemple, laser is about the same with spot welding. To 5 departments and the component of 6 departments still a kind of laser beam welding is received. Bump fender (Impact Plate) , it is car hind the component of a high security, safe protection can be provided when bumping when automobile body, go to active force dispersedly appropriately in automobile body, when this component also can offer trailer drawing, use. These board outspread arrive in crossbeam and be linked together with automobile body. Previously, these structures that bump fender are very complex, need amounts to scale of 32 paces ability to finish, its price is quite high also. And new structure finishs through contemporary means spelling solder: Bump fender now by exterior with in-house Ban gold and inner tube -- these all passing laser solders and get mutual connection. In this one case, laser makes structure more simplify, maintain likewise good performance, the spare parts cost that brought 20 % however is economic. Talk about in Hornig how when the problem of advisable use laser, this is an outstanding example. Laser beam welding is received also is the exterior join that the rear cover that is used at two parts composition for the first time is the same as automobile body among 5 departments, anticorrosion is the main reason that here uses laser. If why are the Ban gold after eletroplating actually and zincic film soldering the problem producing in the process is one big challenge. Solder in laser old film of the zinc when 5 departments model ever had posed a problem, because fused base material lost anticorrosive protection, need to have the add agglutinate measure of succeed thereby. And use drill rod solder nonexistent this one problem, read welding line from the exterior need not any do poorly done work over again. Connect of a solder and compositive outside system sending silk, pass robot and a 3kW Nd:YAG laser completes the treatment that laser beam welding receives. Be in highest minutely below 3 meters speed, solder to undertake with three-dimensional method, robot and solder connect need have athletic capacity of height, this makes its make the model in three-dimensional application. Although the laser beam welding of every car seams length to stop to increase significantly, it is clear to have a thing remains: Laser has been made in automobile body in held permanent position. You cannot eliminate it to be outside the door -- be in BMW company at least. Hornig says, "Very long since, we abandoned to use the idea of welding line of several meters of laser. Nevertheless, I do not agree with this one trend to be in downhill view. More and more case show laser has been in a series of its permanent position was acquired in join craft. Current applied neither more nor less than. We see again and again, between certain domain laser is exclusive or the means that provides cost effectiveness most. For example, can soldering to joining place undertakes from a side is an advantage, this is very difficult be replaced. As a whole, to plank or pipe fitting -- light is best choice. His summary says, "But, I can eliminate you to be opposite ' although laser application is done not have less and less, but the demand becomes higher and higher however ' misgive. 2006 my general tells everybody to be in at present all laser application that new BMW uses in 3 departments. " the permission of Franz Gruber of article classics author, revise from EuroLaser magazine medium textual. CNC Milling