Shanteweikekeleman rolls out brand of pottery and porcelain of two kinds of Sialon

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Shanteweikekeleman is newest rolled out product of two kinds of pottery and porcelain -- the contest grand that the brand is CC6060 and CC6065 (Sialon) . These two kinds of shop signs are developed for gas turbine and manufacturer of aviation spare parts only. Development engineer Marcus Hillbom of Shanteweikekeleman expresses, "Brand of new fund pottery and porcelain is a few manufacturing business development that are badly in need of promoting production efficiency only, use at treatment hard the material of cutting, for example the super alloy of heat-resisting. " Sialon pottery and porcelain is silicon nitrification the mixture of content and alumina, its machine speed to be able to be as high as hard alloy 5 to 10 times, have first-rate chemistry to stabilize function, can prevent groove to wear away. CC6065 is the first selection on safety, also be an economy option that replaces brilliant to need pottery and porcelain; And CC6060 is to use as prevent groove tatty to optimize a tool. CNC Milling