B16 of CBN razor blade

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  • source:BAGANZ CNC Machining
The product of company of estate of Japanese special contented, basically use the cutting treatment of cast-iron spare parts. In B16 razor blade, CBN content is amounted to 85% , bond is special pottery and porcelain. As a result of cast-iron medium horniness particle C, Si easy the scratch that causes cutting tool wears away, the CBN content in B16 is accordingly higher, grain diameter is bigger also, facilitate be united in wedlock cheek by jowl directly. Bond chooses the special pottery and porcelain with exceedingly good hear resistance, can improve the high temperature capability of bit, prevent to be when high speed cutting, drop because of temperature rises quickly and making grain combines strength, cause CBN particle to fall off. According to saying, machine dish of form rotor with B16 razor blade (FC250) , in V = 700m/min condition falls, tool life can amount to 3800 workpiece / every cutting blade. CNC Milling