High Quality Rivets for Precision CNC Machinery(flush rivets Yetta)

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Rivets are a crucial component in many CNC machined parts and products. While rivets may seem simple, using the highest quality rivets is essential for ensuring the safety, durability, and precision of CNC machined components. When sourcing rivets for your CNC machinery and applications, here are some key factors to consider:
Material Grade: Aircraft quality rivets are recommended for CNC applications. They are made from durable aluminum alloys and heat-treated for maximum strength. Aircraft rivets come in grades ranging from 1100 to 7075, with higher grades indicating increased strength. 7075 is the strongest and most recommended for CNC machined parts.
Hardness: Harder rivets are less likely to wear and deform under pressure and vibration. 2117 and 2024 are common rivet alloys with good hardness. Hard anodized rivets also provide excellent abrasion resistance. This prevents loosening of rivets over time.
Grip Range: Different rivet lengths (grips) are needed depending on material thickness. Precision machined parts often require rivets in 1/16” increments. Good suppliers will stock many 0.5mm increment sizes for grip ranges from 3mm to 16mm.
Head Styles: Some common rivet heads used in CNC machining include: countersunk, round head, brazier head, and modified brazier head. Countersunk provides a flat surface, while round head allows pivot movement. Ensure you have the proper head style for your application.
Tolerances: Quality rivets will meet tight tolerances of +/- 0.002in for shank diameter, grip length, and other dimensions. This ensures consistent fit and performance. Reputable suppliers test tolerances in real-world settings.
Plating: Zinc and zinc nickel alloy plating protects against corrosion while maintaining conductivity for EMI/RFI shielding. Cadmium plating is also corrosion resistant but being phased out due to toxicity. Nickel plating offers excellent chemical resistance.
Quality Certifications: Leading rivet suppliers have quality management certifications like ISO 9001 or AS9100D. This ensures rigorous standards and testing for materials, dimensions, head integrity, break load, shear strength and other metrics.
Sourcing reputable brands known for aerospace quality rivets is the best way to ensure you are getting premium grade rivets for your CNC machined components. Here are some of top suppliers of quality CNC and precision machining rivets:
Cherry Aerospace
For over 50 years, this American company has manufactured the finest aircraft quality rivets, hi-loks, blind bolts, and installation tools. Their rivets are precision forged with tight tolerances of +/- .002in for the highest consistency. Different alloys, strengths and head styles are available.
Allfast Fastening Systems
Based in Montreal, Canada, Allfast produces aircraft grade solid rivets ideal for precision CNC machining. They offer aluminum, monel, copper rivets from 3mm to 16mm in 0.5mm increments. Countersunk, round head, brazier head options in grades 2024, 2117, 7075.
Falcon Fastening Solutions
Known for aerospace rivets, Falcon provides premium quality solid and blind rivets for CNC manufacturing and other uses. Their product line covers all standard and specialty rivet dimensions, materials, head styles, and strengths. Falcon has an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.
KLX Aerospace Solutions
This company supplies some of the most trusted brands in aerospace rivets and fasteners, including National Aerospace Fasteners (NAF), Aerofit, and KLX. They offer made in USA solid aluminum rivets in grades 2011, 2017, 2024, 2117, 7050, and 7075 for optimal CNC performance.
Avibank Mfg Inc
Avibank has 40+ years of experience manufacturing premium solid rivets for aircraft and machinery. Their rivets meet NAS, MIL, AN, MS, AS, and NSA specifications. Materials include aluminum, monel, stainless steel. Head styles offered are 100o countersunk, universal, round, brazier, truss, and modified brazier.
Good quality rivets lead to precision tolerances, strength, safety, and durability in CNC machined parts. By understanding material grades, sizing, tolerances, and quality certifications, you can select optimal rivets for your specific CNC applications. Reputable aerospace brands offer extensive technical resources to guide you in specifying the right rivets. Investing in quality hardware ensures flawless performance of your CNC machines and manufactured components. With critical information on sourcing high quality rivets, you can improve production efficiency and final product longevity. CNC Milling