High Quality Rivets Are Key For CNC Machining Success(yield strength of steel Odelette)

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Rivets are a crucial component in many CNC machining applications, yet they are often overlooked. Choosing the right rivets, however, can make all the difference in creating a strong, long-lasting finished product. This guide will overview what to look for when sourcing quality rivets for CNC projects.
What are Rivets?
A rivet is a mechanical fastener that consists of two main parts - a smooth cylindrical shaft and a head. The shaft is inserted into a hole through the materials being joined, and the head is mushroomed on the other side, either through hammering or via pulling force from a rivet gun. The deformed head interlocks with the shaft to form a solid connection.
Rivets come in a wide range of materials, sizes and types to accommodate different CNC machining needs. Common materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and monel. Sizes range from 1/16” up to 3/4” in diameter.
Types of rivets include:
- Solid/Round Head - A basic rivet style with a dome shaped head. Used for general applications.
- Countersunk Head - Has a flat, tapered head that sits flush with the material surface. Used when a smooth exterior surface is needed.
- Large Flange Head - Features an oversized flange for increased load-bearing capability. Ideal for connecting soft or fragile materials.
- Structural and Drive Rivets - Engineered for heavy duty connections. Require specialized installation tools.
Benefits of Quality Rivets
High quality rivets offer numerous advantages for CNC machined products, including:
Strength - Quality rivets are made from durable metals and designed to withstand significant shear and tensile stresses from vibration, impact and loading. This prevents connections from failing over time.
Precision - Precision engineered rivets have consistent sizing and smooth finishes. This allows parts to fit together accurately with minimal play or movement.
Corrosion Resistance - Many quality rivets feature corrosion resistant coatings such as zinc, helping finished products withstand moisture and harsh operating environments.
Consistency - Reputable rivet suppliers adhere to tight tolerances during manufacturing. This ensures each rivet has the exact same specifications for easy installation.
Appearance - Countersunk and flush rivets provide a smooth exterior surface free of protrusions. This delivers a sleeker look and prevents snagging.
Ease of Installation - Quality rivets are optimized to feed smoothly in automated rivet guns without jamming. This minimizes production slow downs.
Factors to Consider When Selecting Quality Rivets
To get the best results from your CNC machined products, care should be taken to select the optimal rivets for each application. Here are some key factors to consider:
Material Compatibility - Choose rivets made from a metal that matches or complements the base materials being joined. This prevents galvanic corrosion.
Strength - Assess joint stresses and select a rivet strong enough to accommodate maximum expected loads with safety margin. This may require upsized diameters or specialty drive rivets.
Usage Environment - If riveted components will be exposed to moisture, acids or other corrosive agents, use stainless steel or monel rivets.
Appearance Needs - For flush surfaces, opt for countersunk or large flange rivets that sit tight against the material. Standard dome heads will protrude slightly.
Installation Method - Does your CNC machine have automated rivet guns? This may limit options to collated stick rivets designed for fast feeding. Hand riveting allows more choice.
Budget - Solid aluminum and steel rivets offer the most economical solution while stainless, monel and structural rivets come at a higher cost.
Reputable Quality Rivet Brands
When sourcing rivets, it pays to choose established brands known for quality and consistency. Some top manufacturers of CNC-compatible rivets include:
LobsterCo - Offering extensive lines of aluminum, steel, stainless and specialty rivets. Known for precision engineering and robust construction.
Avdel - Leading brand acquired by Stanley Black & Decker. Known for Maxi, Interlock and Speed Fastener rivets designed for automated installation.
GESIPA - Top German brand that produces BlindExpress semi-tubular rivets ideal for blind joints. Offered in multiple alloys and coatings.
Boellhoff - Another leading German brand offering BOLTRIV structural rivets for heavy duty connections. Features large flange heads.
Cherry Aerospace - Major aerospace industry provider of dome head and countersunk rivets. Available in multiple materials including exotic monel and titanium.
Marson - Known for their Rivnut and Speedy Rivet lines. Offer aluminum, steel and stainless dome head and countersunk rivets.
AMPG - Supplier of Pull-Thru and Multi-Grip blind rivets well-suited for CNC machining. Available in standard and custom lengths.
Using quality rivets from reputable brands helps ensure strong, precision connections in CNC machined products. Be sure to analyze joint requirements and operating conditions to select optimal rivet types and materials for each unique application. With the right rivets in place, you can have confidence in delivering robust, long lasting finished parts to your customers. CNC Milling