Tank engine cylinder bushing is supersonic honing system

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Last working procedure that machines tank engine cylinder bushing -- the quality of honing working procedure and precision demand are higher, among them class of IT6 of precision of size of the hole inside the requirement, kong Yuan is spent inside 0.

015mm, parallelism 0.

03mm(by on line working procedure assures) , ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

05µm. When using traditional honing craft to machine, product quality is not stable, achieve precision requirement hard. To solve this one problem, the author developed the prototype of supersonic honing system of diametical F150mm, the cylinder bushing test specimen that uses this prototype honing can satisfy processing technique requirement. Principle of 1 prototype structure this prototype is a basis arms always the production of 616 factories asks project approving grinds beforehand. The supersonic honing construction of system of prototype sees a picture. System wait for composition by device of ultrasonic generator, frequency meter, supersonic honing. System of You Shengzhen of supersonic honing device (sound of lever of transducer, luffing, tool brace up system) , honing head, go up core ministry, motivation delivers department of ministry of join of ministry, carbon brush, float, housing to wait for composition, its job principle is the electric oscillation that is changeover of 50Hz alternating current ultrasonic frequency by ultrasonic generator, change the electric oscillation of ultrasonic frequency the mechanical vibration that is ultrasonic frequency by transducer. Because this machinery is oscillatory amplitude is lesser, it is 4µm left and right sides only, cannot use at machining directly, because this needs to pass luffing lever to magnify amplitude, transmit vibration sound brace up subsystem, you Shengzhen subsystem drives the oilstone on its to produce fore-and-aft vibration, realize the supersonic and oscillatory honing of add on common honing foundation supersonic vibration to machine thereby. 1.

Sound brace up system 2.

Honing head 3.

Go up core ministry 4.

Motivation transfers a department 5.

Carbon brush 6.

Housing 7.

Plan of float join department is supersonic the actor of 2 parameter chooses diagram of honing construction of system to experiment through honing, use oilstone to the place of supersonic honing system of prototype parameter and craft parameter undertake actorring or actress choosing. The experiment is 38CrMnA with cylinder bushing material, nitriding quenchs hardness > 80HRA, cylinder bushing dimension is φ 150 × 277mm. 1) thick top gem is right 7 kinds of oilstone undertook thick top gem experiments, oilstone parameter sees a table 1. Express oilstone of 1 thick top gem chroma of bond of granuality of abrasive of parameter parameter serial number (actor of recipe of combination of 7TL+JR120# of recipe of combination of 6CBN120# of %)1JR150#Q1002JR120#Q1003CBN150#Q1004CBN120#Q1005CBN120# combination recipe chooses oilstone parameter: Homebred oilstone of 2(of parameter serial number, the effect of thick top gem of JR, 120# , Q, 100%) is better, excel other parameter, but oilstone need to use agglomeration means, technology is more sophisticated; 7(of parameter serial number imports oilstone, recipe of TL+JR, 120# , combination) to exceed soft atmosphere aperture oilstone, honing effect is passable. Actor chooses craft parameter: Advocate athletic speed V1=20m/min; Reciprocate speed V2=15m/min. 2) essence top gem chooses 6 kinds of oilstone respectively undertake top gem of essence of life experiments, oilstone parameter sees a table 2. Express oilstone of 2 essence top gem chroma of bond of granuality of abrasive of parameter parameter serial number (%)1JRW28S752JRW20S753JRW10S754CBNW28S755CBNW20S756CBNW10S75 actor chooses oilstone parameter: Processability of 2(JR of parameter serial number, W20, S, 75%) can be optimal; 5(CBN of parameter serial number, W20, S, 75%) also can achieve Ra0.

The exterior surface roughness under 05µm is worth, but treatment efficiency is inferior. Actor chooses craft parameter: Advocate athletic speed V1=50m/min; Reciprocate speed V2=23m/min. Oilstone join means uses high-powered adhesive to stick receive, the method is handy and quick. Experiment of 3 prototype function installs prototype of supersonic honing system go up at M4215 vertical honing machine, through about one year the honing function between half experiments, the longest consecutive working hours exceeds 8 hours. The experiment proves, prototype runs stability, the job is reliable, use convenient, can satisfy the requirement of honing of tank engine cylinder bushing completely. Can you achieve technical index: ? ? of garden of Piao of  of discuss of hairpin of Ji Quan  .

025mm less than (IT6 class namely  150+0.

025) , exterior surface roughness stabilizes control to be in Ra0.

05µm is the following. The exterior surface roughness of the workpiece after honing detects actually eventuate: Fixed position is carried (thick end) Ra = 0.

0213µm; Be apart from fixed position to carry 100mm to be in Ra = 0.

021µm; Bao Biduan (Bao Duan) Ra = 0.

0412µm. CNC Milling