Process designing of handiwork of numerical control of numerical control process designing and method of automatic process designing and flow brief introduction

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Method of CNC Machining process designing basically has manual process designing and automatic process designing. Manual process designing is to point to the processing of analysis of blueprint of the artificial spare parts that finish, craft, maths processing, job such as to program, basically apply to order a treatment part, linear, circular arc kind the process designing of outline spare parts. Automatic process designing is to point to wait for the process designing job that replaces the artificial much that finish by system of process designing of CAD/CAM, language, basically use at the to program of complex part and CAD, auxiliary production unifinication to machine. This chapter will be a handiwork that introduces of all kinds machine tool with machine tool of cut of line of numerical control lathe, CNC Milling, numerical control, machining center process designing method and process designing example. Be based on the introduction the process of automatic process designing of the complex part of UG and example finally. Graph 1, graph 2 it is flow of manual process designing and graph respectively flow chart of alternant and automatic process designing.

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