RTP company rolls out the new-style PEEK sheet that applies to valve

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RTP sheet and filmy branch are standing and different of ply get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) sheet, and offer merely only commonly order make a product. The PEEK product of RTP company has 0.

5mm (0.

020 inches) to 3.

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118 inches) the 2x4 of 5 when limits distributings different ply inch sheet. The product manager of RTP sheet and filmy branch holds the SarahHolthaus say that home sells concurrently: "Ply is found in having stock company under 0.

Product of 5 inches standing PEEK sheet is very difficult. In RTP company new product supplies a product in, the client buys organic meeting the PEEK sheet that has advantage of market price case, and get in the industry is elsewhere instantly look for the ply that be less than. This gives those new PEEK material fare not to allow to use a possibility the domain created an opportunity, use up the gain capacity that increases a product through fewer material. " PEEK is one kind has superior mechanical performance and be able to bear or endure the high strenth of chemical, high temperature resistant colophony. It has excellent wear-resisting performance and dimension stability. In addition RTP company can produce the PEEK sheet that contains FDA attestation. These function make PEEK material suits slashing sheet application territory very much, if the car is mixed aerospace component, industrial pump, valve and weather strip; Silicon chip carrier; Useful still the product at pharmacy and food industry. The 2x4 that RTP company produces inch PEEK sheet can have for dimension: 0.


020 inches of) , 1.


039 inches) , 1.


059 inches) , 2.


079 inches) with 3.


118 inches of) . Can buy sheet in great quantities or a few buying, can carry instantly. In addition but the special requirement according to the client, order the 4x4 that makes same ply range foot PEEK sheet. In September 2006, RTP company bought famous medical treatment, industry and consumptive market to order the company of manufacturing business Wiman that controls film. Buy this make the advanced sheet of RTP company and extensive polymer major technology and Wiman company are all and flexible product line of the film that pack is united in wedlock together. Arrive from PVC colophony PEEK colophony, ply from 0.

004 inches of change arrive 0.

400 inches, the sheet of RTP company and filmy branch had the product productivity with powerful actual strength now. CNC Milling