Thomson: Choose lubricant of correct ball guide screw

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When undertaking deputy design of ball guide screw and type selecting, must consider a lot of parameter. Moving bear, speed, precision, environment and power ask to very fundamental condition is in designing a standard. No matter design engineer is to should choose rolling ball guide screw or guide screw of accurate grinding ball, must mature lubricant element. Choose proper lubricant to be able to reduce attrition, reduce attrition torque, improve the efficiency of guide screw, prolong service life. Ball guide screw can hold low attrition dominant position, it is through using lubricant drops the roll between ball and raceway face obstruction and draw near the sliding friction force between ball will come true. Before undertaking lubricate and complementing lubricating, must deputy to ball guide screw undertake complete cleanness, in order to keep clear of all contaminant. Contaminant is to cause ball guide screw a of premature invalidation main reason. It is OK to lubricate correctly in avoiding most contaminant to enter guide screw nut, this reduced what exterior contaminant may cause to damage greatly. Antirust oil was used commonly in the process that component of ball guide screw is being carried and stores, before using the lubricant that chooses finally, should complete erase is antirust oily. Can use a variety of methods to ball guide screw deputy add note lubricant and make lubricant maintains inside nut. For example, when use fat is lubricant, through nut noumenon or nut flange dish the opening noting fat that attend joins grease nut inside, two end have nut blow brush piece or sealing ring will prevent grease to spill over and exterior contaminant enters nut; Use oil-lubricated when, need contains pump one set, filter lubricant device of the system, want to consider oiling method. The choice of lubricant often is not taken seriously (there is many breed to be able to offer an alternative on the market, and the function of a lot of breed is almost identical, can seek advice from lubricant expert or manufacturer of ball guide screw to choose limits in order to narrow) , choose correct lubricant according to specific application, can ensure ball guide screw achieves his to design life. Lube and grease can provide anticorrosion protection, but specific choice which kinds of lubricant should according to be in to every kinds of lubricant the bad actor of specific application undertakes assessment, the redo after integrated consideration gives a decision. When user choice is oil-lubricated, can add to the seat that needs to lubricate directly with constant velocity of flow pour lubricating oil, when lube is shedding classics ball nut, the moisture that interior of can cleared nut remains and other contaminant. Lube still can provide cooling result. Those who need a consideration is oil-lubricated defect includes: · lube is added note the pollution that may create place of didymous treatment process to need cooling fluid too much, the cutting fluid in applying with machine treatment for example mixes. · needs to use pump and the cost that metric system brings to rise. The cost of grease under lube, and add note frequency lower, and won't pollute cutting fluid. But on the other hand: · grease maintains hard in nut, and accumulate more easily in nut journey fag end, collect machine treatment in this area drossy with abrasive grain. The grease that when · undertakes complementing lubricating, uses may be as incompatible as old grease. Must check compatibility. If need to use lube to undertake lubricating, should decide according to working temperature, load and speed the viscosity of lube and oiling are measured. If lube viscosity is exorbitant, or if dosage is overmuch, may cause overheat. If viscosity passes low or dosage is too little, cannot undertake possibly lubricating adequately, bring about a metal thereby the attrition between and wear away too quickly. The choice of lube will affect the temperature rise when ball guide screw is being used and service life directly. When fat is lubricant, must undertake lubricating correctly to ball guide screw, can reach design life in order to ensure. Grease can add the raceway area that notes the journey to carry a department directly, or, if grease is added,note hole, can use pump nut of direct infuse ball. When choosing latter, the proposal is used blow brush piece or sealed maintain grease in ball nut interior. The high speed motion of ball guide screw does not have an influence to grease, so guide screw traversal speed is not the element that chooses grease. E.g. , grease can be used at Dn to be worth (rotate speed of X of round diameter of bearing ball pitch) be as high as 1, 000, the machine tool main shaft of 000, and the Dn value of ball guide screw exceeds 100 rarely, 000. For ball guide screw the lube with fit right choice or grease can reduce maintenance machine down time, ensure the product reachs design service life. Detailed technical data, contact Thomosn China agency please. Regard industry as top manufacturer about Thomson   , thomson has motion of more than 60 years to control innovates and make experience, production is axis of bearing of linear ball lining, chain wheel bearing, 60 Case, grinding and rolling ball guide screw, linear carry out implement, the whole set product such as system of decelerate machine, clutch, brake, sharp movement and relevant accessory. Thomson grinds bearing of linear ball lining at sending palpability to fight 1945, built highest mechanical movement to control solution standard from this, the service is mixed at global industry, aviation national defence market, application pervades pack, factory automation, stock is carried, medical treatment, clean the sources of energy, presswork, the domain such as car, machine tool, aerospace and national defence. Thomson produces a center to spread all over North America, Europe and Asia, sell business to serve global client through many 2000 cent. CNC Milling