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Zinc Pressure Die Casting: An In-Depth Look at This Important Manufacturing Process

Zinc pressure die casting refers to a manufacturing process in which molten zinc metal is injected with force into reusable steel molds to produce complex and precise zinc parts and components. This process plays an integral role in many manufacturing industries today. In this comprehensive article, we’ll take an in-depth look at zinc pressure die casting, including its key benefits, the process itself, design considerations, and leading manufacturers in the space.

Benefits of Zinc Pressure Die Casting

There are a number of important benefits that make zinc pressure die casting a go-to choice for producing intricate, high-tolerance zinc parts and products:

- Excellent Dimensional Accuracy and Tolerances: Zinc pressure die casting can hold incredibly tight dimensional tolerances down to ±0.002 inches, making it ideal for small, complex parts and assemblies that require precision. The reusable steel molds provide excellent consistency.

- High Production Speed and Efficiency: Zinc pressure die casting produces components at a very fast rate, making it extremely efficient even for large production runs in the tens or hundreds of thousands of units. The process is highly automated using CNC machining.

- Complex Geometries and Intricate Details: This casting method allows for the production of components with complex geometries, interior hollows, thin walls, and other intricate design details that would be difficult or impossible with other manufacturing methods.

- Lower Costs for High Volumes: Due to its speed, automation, and reusable molds, zinc pressure die casting provides a very low cost per unit in high production runs, giving it an advantage over other processes like CNC machining or plastic injection molding for large quantities.

The Zinc Pressure Die Casting Process

The actual process of zinc pressure die casting consists of several key steps:

1. Mold Design and Manufacture - The first step is to design and machine the two steel mold halves (dies) to form the desired part geometry and features. The molds are CNC machined from tool steel or hardened steel to withstand the pressure and temperature of the molten zinc metal during casting.

2. Clamping - The two mold halves are clamped together tightly to form the mold cavity and prevent metal leaks during casting. Clamping pressures can range from 15-300 tons.

3. Injection - Molten zinc is heated to approximately 788°F and injected into the steel mold under high pressures of 10,000-30,000 psi. This allows the liquid metal to quickly and completely fill the mold cavity.

4. Cooling - After injection, the mold remains closed as the molten zinc rapidly cools and solidifies into the desired shape, aided by water cooling channels in the mold. This takes around 10-60 seconds.

5. Ejection - Once solidified, the mold halves separate and the completed zinc casting is ejected using guide pins and ejector pins. This cycle then repeats at a high production rate.

6. Finishing - The zinc castings may go through secondary finishing operations like drilling, tapping, milling or plating to achieve the final component design and aesthetic.

Optimal Design Considerations for Zinc Castings

There are some important design considerations when engineering components to be manufactured with zinc pressure die casting:

- Uniform wall thickness - Walls should be as uniform as possible to prevent weak spots and ensure even solidification.

- Draft angles - Design draft angles of at least 1-3° on vertical walls to make part ejection easier.

- Avoiding trapped gases - Internal voids and hollows need vents to prevent trapped gases which can cause defects.

- Corner radiuses - Generous inner and outer corner radiuses help metal flow and prevent premature cooling.

- Reduced hardware - External threads and other hardware should be minimized when possible to improve mold performance.

- Parting lines - Hidden or non-critical parting lines will improve appearance and prevent flash.

Leading Zinc Pressure Die Casting Manufacturers

Some of the leading global providers of precision zinc pressure die castings include:

- Precifine Die & Casting (China)
- Dongguan Mnext Technology (China)
- Guangdong Yonglijian Precision Zinc Alloy Technology (China)
- Ashoka Metcast (India)
- NEXTEER Automotive (USA)
- Spartan Light Metal Products (USA)
- Minda Corporation (India)
- Dynacast (Global)

Precifine Die & Casting - A Premier Manufacturer

Based in Dongguan, China, Precifine Die & Casting has been a trusted manufacturer of precision zinc pressure and aluminum die castings since 1993. They are an ISO-9001 certified company capable of producing zinc castings in complex geometries with excellent dimensional accuracy and aesthetic appearance.

Precifine runs an advanced production facility with a full range of capabilities including multi-slide trim presses, CNC machining, lathing, milling, drilling, tapping, finishing, plating, painting and assembly. This allows them to be a true one-stop shop able to take zinc castings from initial design through full production and secondary operations.

They utilize precision CNC machining to create their reusable zinc casting dies with fine surface finishes capable of producing detailed and consistent casted components. Precifine offers zinc alloys including Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA-8 and ZA-12.

For nearly 3 decades, Precifine has been a trusted partner providing zinc and aluminum die castings, serving customers in the electronics, automobile, telecom, medical and other industries globally. Their expertise in zinc pressure die casting helps manufacturers cost-effectively produce components with tight tolerances and complex shapes.


Zinc pressure die casting is an efficient, high-speed manufacturing process capable of producing large volumes of intricately shaped zinc alloy components with unmatched dimensional accuracy and repeatability. Understanding the zinc die casting process, design considerations, and leading manufacturers in the field is key for designers and engineers looking to utilize this process. With attention to design and partnering with the right manufacturer, zinc pressure die castings can provide a cost-effective production solution for achieving complex, reliable and durable finished parts. CNC Milling