The metal machines fluid to make medium application in the mould

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Make in the mould in, metallic treatment fluid is right improve machine tool performance, assure finished product quality and character is crucial. From the expert the perspective discussed a metal to machine fluid to create current situation of the application in the domain and development climate in the mould in article, listen attentively to what machine fluid to the metal to mould industry user to use feeling word. As the ceaseless development of mould technology and progress, new material, new technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, appropriate cutting fluid chooses to machine quality to product of Wu Bao card in mould treatment process, improve treatment efficiency, reducing an environment to pollute is crucial. The function with metallic treatment the basiccest fluid is lubricant, bits of cooling, platoon, prevent. This 4 individual character can not be completely isolated, have unified side already, have opposite again. Those who be like cutting oil it is lubricant, better to defend performance, but cooling, clean function difference; Performance of the refrigeration of aqueous solution, catharsis is better, but lubricate and prevent function difference. Think commonly, in low speed heavy burden cutting of carry on one's shoulder is machined (reaming and whorl cutting, tooth flank cutting) when, need lubricates adequately, choose normally extremely approach cutting oily agent, the main task of cutting lubricant is contractible the felt that presses face and bit, as attrib border lubricant. When cutting of high speed shallow-layer is machined, refrigeration is principal, choose fluid of water radical cutting commonly -- its main effect is to reduce attrition heat, take away quantity of heat. Those cutting fluid arrive at the treatment that cuts area to work hard, cause very great difficulty to lubricant, refrigeration. Be opposite normally cutting of reaming, gear (especially gear hobbing) , deep Kong Zuan and bore hole, tap (especially blind aperture) , cover aperture, car greatly thread machining should choose applicable cutting fluid meticulously. Graph the applied practice of aborning proves fluid of 1 metal treatment, choose appropriate metal to machine fluid, can reduce cutting temperature 60~150 ℃ , reduce level of 1~2 of exterior surface roughness, reduce cutting obstruction 15~30% , twice land improves the service life of cutting tool and emery wheel, can sweep scrap and grey end from cutting area, improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality consequently. In mould treatment process, the action of cutting tool is to be in advocate cut area to flake treatment material with excision of powerful shearing force. The propulsion of cutting tool between face and exposed fresh metal extent, by Wu Jiang the adherent action of intense is made advance a face to get tall stress. The bits that flakes because of cut should have moved cutting tool pushs a scale, formed thereby the 2nd cut area -- this area arises cut action to make cutting tool gets force of the biggest attrition. Here when, lubricate to be highlighted at the same time with the importance of cooling action come out. Notable is, metallic purify kind machining is a lot of more phyletic, have its each again distinctive operating mode. Later development machines focusing metal fluid the application in means of 3 kinds of specific treatment, combine this print to be opposite housing card (Shell) with German Ou Hai (OEL-HELD) the user of two companies covers a report, explain the metal machines the specific application of fluid and performance demand. Below division of company of card of mec housing of electric spark treatment 10 thousand how EDM110 and 130 it is oil of treatment of corrode of report of high grade scintilla (see a table 1, turn) issueing a page, use high accuracy refine and the olefin with balmy hydrocarbon extremely low content base base oil is made, insulating properties is good, product treatment precision is tall, service life is long, small to skin stimulation. Among them, former viscosity is medium, suit treatment of scintilla report corrode; Latter viscosity is taller, suit scintilla report corrode relatively high accuracy treatment. These two kinds of products still can regard cutting tool as abrade oil use. Express 1 carapace card 10 thousand install corrode of report of EDM 110/130 scintilla to machine model of oily current product to be worth housing card 10 thousand bring EDM110 and housing brand 10 thousand install EDM130 to have a few identical characteristics: ① viscosity is low, have to workpiece and sparkplug clean action wonderfully; Sex of ② belt bits is good, prolong electrode service life; ③ insulating properties is good, intensity of report of high take to heart, precision of ④ surface treatment is tall, treatment surface surface roughness is OK low come to 3 micron lower; ⑤ Gao Shan is nodded, can reduce the risk that fire produces inside machine; ⑥ high boiling point, utmost decreases volatilize loss, because volatilize,prevent the loss brings about oil to viscosity lifts and machine precision to drop; The thermal stability with good ⑦ and oxidation stability, and service life is long, not easy oxidation becomes angry; ⑧ is colorless without smell, conduce observes at the user sparkplug machines the circumstance of the process; The filterability with good ⑨ , the fine bit that produces in cleared treatment process quickly; Content of ⑩ aromatic hydrocarbon is extremely low, stimulative to the skin effect is little, harmless to human body. Metal of plate of carapace of user feeling character processes oil / fluid performance is superior, product use cycle is longer. To this, zhang Qibo of ministry of equipment of accurate production limited company has Biyadi greatly experience. According to Introduction Zhang Qibo, nicety makes Biyadi is one of production base of before Hua Na area 3 old patterns, its equipment ministry has machine tool of hundreds of well-known trademarks. The corrode of report of housing card scintilla that this company uses at present processes oil, cycle has exceeded 3 years half, and not have become angry change taste appearance. So long service life, make the company reduced Biyadi not only oil is tasted purchase cost, and the equipment machine down time that reduced effectively to be caused because of oil change, realized the promotion of manufacturing efficiency. Not only such, corrode of report of scintilla of use carapace card processes oil, comparative inferior enlighten the manufacturing safety of the company also was offerred assure effectively. Technical personnel of Biyadi ever had done a such tests, with list dip corrode of report of scintilla of the card that touch case processes oil, like that after tries to ignite, but the course experiments for many times, list cannot burn from beginning to end. This shows, with other kerosene kind oil of treatment of scintilla report corrode is compared, corrode of report of housing card scintilla machines oily function stability, it is the reliable safeguard of safe production. The attrition that bead and metallic face wear in grinding grinding process can produce a large number of quantity of heat. When quantity of heat collects certain level (the instantaneous temperature that grinding nods can amount to 1500 ℃ , the average temperature of the grinding area of abrasive and workpiece comes for 500 ℃ between 800 ℃ ) , workpiece surface can appear burnable even deformation, because the exterior quality of this finished product is mixed,precision will be affected. If improve the operation condition that grinding machines, apply grinding oil to undertake cool adequately and lubricating, the half heat energy in machining a process can be absorbed by refrigerant, and 15% what the quantity of heat that enters work finally occupies whole treatment process to produce heat energy only. Accordingly, grinding oil reduced workpiece effectively to be led by burnable machine. Graph the A of use effect contrast of the treatment result of the Sintogrind grinding oil of 2 use OEL-HELD and other product: The grinding effect B of other grinding oil and groovy emery wheel: Other grinding oil and inside the grinding effect C of cold pattern emery wheel: Sintogrind and inside the oil of grinding effect grinding of cold pattern emery wheel is carrier with base oil, differ to the additive of property and function mixes and be become through a variety of having is being added in base oil. The grinding oily base oil with the at present best function on the world is for raw material with ethylene direct complex gets together α - alkene. By at child pure with homogeneity, get together α - alkene has the outstanding property with other incomparable base oil, use as below the astringent condition of racing bicycle of one class equation base oil. By Wu Ji compositive structure is pure alkyl hydrocarbon, because this is had,fight exceedingly goodly cut ability and fight ageing stability, very applicable Wu Gao the treatment of fast grinding. OEL-HELD (China) this world expresses the Wei Xin that southwest delegate is in, oil of high-powered grinding of series of the Sintogrind below its company division, Diagrind, Toolgrind is used get together α - oil of splitting decomposition of alkene, hydrogen sulfide serves as base oil, have evaporate rate is low, without caustic (include pair of weather strip) , but filterability is good, rinse a gender sex of bubble of strong, disappear flash point is tall, high and viscosity index is more advanced advantage. Reform in distinctive friction agent, fight grind additive, extremely below the synergism that presses additive and antioxidant to wait, afore-mentioned series grinding oil avoided the separate out of metallic cobalt completely when machining hard alloy, have fight exceedingly goodly cut ability and fight ageing stability, reducing specific power consumption and emery wheel tatty at the same time, tool surface won't arise any burnable, achieve high accuracy to machine a requirement thereby and achieve good appearance bright and clean degree, because what this is recommended by the famous grinder manufacturer of great majority, in Euramerican wait for national market to hold main share. Use case to explain base Wu Ju α - the effect that alkene compounds a product completely, OEL-HELD company had a series of tests in company of Rappold Winterthur grinder. The product of grinding after uses an electron microscope to undertake the scanning of coequal multiple. If the graph is shown 2 times, use Sintogrind synthesizes a product to be able to acquire quality of extremely fast face completely. The grinding oily product that De Yangdong steam is versed in pattern limited company is using OEL-HELD firm all the time, hu Jianhua of undersecretary of development department of this company technology tells this publication, the grinding oil of OEL-HELD already used 3 years now and did not change, reduced manufacturing cost and equipment machine down time effectively, overall improvement manufactures efficiency. In recent years the development of metallic cutting fluid mixes cutting change basically is in water-solubility liquid domain. This kind of liquid is matrix with water, conduct heat rate is high (of water conduct heat 2 what speed is oil.

5 times) . The water that waits for a quantity absorbs after of certain quantity of heat, should get slow than oily temperature rise much, improved cooling result thereby, and can reduce oily mist. Accordingly, the dosage of fluid of water radical cutting increases. Current, fluid of water radical cutting is in China cutting liquid market is overall in occupy about 60% , but fluid of water radical cutting and oily photograph are worn than existing a few problems, this includes lubricity difference, and the problem of the respect such as sex of stability of corrode, colloid, chemical stability, biology stability, filtrability, bubble. These elements apply in the machine tool to cutting fluid when " oily pool life (Sump Life) " crucial. Express 2 carapace card this come especially current product model is worth fluid of cutting of water-solubility of Sitala CE 3402 housing card company's subordinate housing card this come especially Sitala CE 3402 is high-powered water-solubility cutting fluid (see a table 2) , contain extremely many press additive, the treatment of material of applicable Wu Gang and aluminium alloy material. Can satisfy the harsh treatment of precision of requirement fast face, and high pressure, use inside the craft of cold cutting tool, be like: Deep Kong Zuan, bore, mill and MAPAL wring aperture to wait. Housing card this come especially Sitala CE 3402 is had fight bubble function, exceedingly good live thing goodly stability and clean function, can maintain machine tool and workpiece cleanness. Its good cooling power and lubricant function, can ensure the high accuracy that processes work. In the meantime, the biology stability of Sitala CE 3402 is excellent, product service life is long, can show reduce maintain cost. And can advantageous Wu Bao protects high corrosion resistance workpiece of cutting tool, treatment and slideway. User feeling character accurate production limited company is making Biyadi in the process, use housing card all the time this come especially fluid of cutting of high-powered water-solubility of Sitala CE 3402. Zhang Qibo of ministry of this company facilities expresses, photograph of this one product compares congener product, change cycle is long, sexual price is compared tall. And in protection cutting tool is reached make sure performance of respect of treatment workpiece precision is superior. Mr Zhang is experienced deeply, further progress of production machined the function of fluid to raise taller requirement to the metal, increase for instance can safeguard gender and lengthen change periodic, etc. And the develop a school of one's own of ability it may be said that fluid of treatment of housing plate metal is satisfying side of this field demand. The energy-saving environmental protection, development trend that falls to add originally cannot hold back technology of Shenzhen city mould to learn Luo Baihui of expert committee member to point out, the enterprise wants overall balance advantages and disadvantages when choosing a metal to machine fluid, must achieve the following requirement: Thermal capacity is large, thermal conductivity is good, have better cooling effect. Have taller oily or it is stronger metallic surface sorption, the adsorptive film that can make form is had relatively high strenth, firm adsorption is in metallic surface, have favorable lubricant effect. And if it is good to prevent a gender, do not rise to the metal corrode action, also won't damage the precision of machine tool and workpiece reachs exterior surface roughness because of corroding. In the meantime, the product with exterior small pulling force, easy Wu Junyun diffuses, benefit has better lubricity at refrigeration and catharsis action. Luo Baihui expresses at the same time, the consideration of economic cost respect is very serious also. Metallic treatment fluid must be used convenient, the price is low, the requirement is configured easily and best and applicable Wu Duo is planted metallic stuff and a variety of treatment means (like the car, grind, dig) , have certain diaphaneity, not fumy when raising cutting rate. Harmless to human body, flavour of avirulent, as good as. Won't harm the skin and rhinal mucous membrane, not exciting eye. Stability is good, service life is long. Be being used for a long time and during keep in storage, not statified, not separate out is sedimentary, not mildewy and degenerative. Amount of cutting waste liquid is larger, consider waste liquid processing, avoid to cause environmental pollution. China " protect need inside growth, enlarge " policy move is putting into effect, key industry revitalizes a program to also come on stage in succession, company purchasing power is in the mould to promote ceaselessly, company transition place needs line of the products will more extensive, and ask to the character of the product will surely rise at full speed. It is under the test of economic crisis, the demand of user of fluid of treatment of mould industry metal quickens the directional stride to cost of efficient and energy-saving, healthy environmental protection, low economy necessarily. Special express gratitude: The article is main expert viewpoint learns Luo Baihui of expert committee member to offer sketch by technology of Shenzhen city mould CNC Milling