New knife head offerred new possibility

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The use that can change head bit is representing the newest progress of cutting tool, can get in what aperture is inside very big range cut treatment to offer an advantage, also be accordingly in cutting tool treatment establish favorable position. Generally speaking, can change head broach to enclothe what be combined by aperture diameter limits and tolerancepublic errand limits and become the area intermediate, can change head broach to be reached in certain application domain and broach of integral hard alloy but broach of dislocation razor blade overlaps somewhat. Although can change head broach to already had a lot of advantages, but to increasingly intense competition, to can changing the requirement of head broach must further, with satisfying treatment requirement better. Broach has different capacity the broach application of different type is different, like broach of integral hard alloy, but broach of dislocation razor blade may change head bit. According to the ceaseless development of the requirement of aperture and the actual limitation to cutting tool and cutting tool, different broach has respective and applicable range. Kong Jia is versed in the domain is comprised by all sorts of cent domains, but cent domain is not fixed, the development that follows broach and applicable ability and change somewhat. The type of aperture is more, it is 12 ~ 30mm, hole depth to be 3 ~ to aperture diameter limits the Kong Jia of 5 times diameter has for labour tool very big improve latent capacity, mix in life of function, security, cutting tool especially the respect such as consistency of aperture treatment quality. Typical Kong Yousi attacks aperture, bore with a reamer to cut beforehand the craft of the aperture, tube plate aperture on heat exchanger, tall nicety Kong Jishen aperture, these aperture have to be nodded jointly, namely normally tolerancepublic errand limits is IT9 ~ 10, this needs outstanding broach precision. For the treatment with tolerancepublic errand wide to using range and strict requirement, very tall to the expectation of cutting tool. Head broach technology can be changed in what involve in, model and structure have the restriction of practice and ability respect, for example clip of the largest number and the smallest model, cutting tool holds acceptability knife head and realizable treatment function. To intermediate area, in respect of aperture diameter, public errand, hole depth, quality and applied circumstance, it is a kind of crackajack solution. Above all, inside the tolerancepublic errand range that can change head broach to need to assure aperture to ask in place, exterior quality is Ra 2.

Inside 5 μ M, specific requirement wants to use an occasion according to what differ and be decided. Some application circumstance may ask bigger hole depth, shorter accessibility and medium length, in addition, need taller stability and better cutting chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position and the capability that pour wine cup likely still. More important is the penetrable rate with knife head higher need, longer with more consistent service life. From the point of efficiency respect, knife head needs to be able to go up to undertake more relaxed and conveniently changing in the machine tool. Can change head broach to be able to change head broach to already applied old, according to the differred to already obtained different level success of broach structure. Can change head broach to also be put in a few potential weaknesses, to score greater success, new generation can change head broach to must overcome these weaknesses, among them the mainest is to ask interface has higher intensity and stability, can undertake smoother cutting and use taller cutting parameter. When broach application and the more maneuverable, efficiency that discharge bits is taller when undertaking knife head changes, the treatment dependability of the consistency of aperture quality and broach already was become must the point of first consideration. Why to already have other in the market good bit and when can you changing head broach to still be put in a few potential weaknesses, still need to you can change head bit? Can change head bit especially new generation can change head broach to have the following advantage: Through fewer machine tool time, faster yield, the parameter such as longer cutting tool life and better machine tool utilization rate can obtain lower weak opening cost; Through shrinking snickersnee head changes time can achieve taller manufacturing efficiency, through improving knife head to change the method can achieve better treatment security. Here, new interface design is crucial factor. The treatment dependability of broach is produced to rising is very main potential factor for efficiency. The influence that the dependability of broach is asked by clip of all sorts of different aperture character, outfit and material. Security is decided by the structure of cutting tool greatly, the generation that cutting tool writtens guarantee compose can bring about reject likely, needless machine tool machine down time and cutting tool damaged. Need not grind again, the meeting when be being ground again involves the issue such as clip of grinding, coating, outfit, management and inventory, although knife head is one-time,use, but still reduced cutting tool cost. The sort that can change head bit is extensive, because this can pass special or global solution offer,mix patulously the method that has specific aim more, with satisfy or optimizing aperture auger cut. Can prepare for follow-up working procedure, make final process OK be satisfied better or improve quality. New generation can change head broach to already rolled out new generation to be able to change head bit now, can raise aperture to machine the treatment economy of the limits intermediate greatly. This are new-style broach can be mixed as broach of contemporary whole hard alloy but of broach of dislocation razor blade admirable replace an option. Developing new generation to be able to change the end of head broach is to be so far still not the applied range that antiquated can change all sorts of head broach, twist drill, shovel to get a dominant is offerred improve auger cut process instrumentation. New generation broach is placed in ability of quality of penetrable rate, surface, dependability and cutting tool held a respect to make a lot of improvement, still include to use material of head of knife of hard alloy of coating of new tall tenacity, microcrystalline bead, PVD to pledge. With original can change head broach photograph to compare, coroDrill 870 can raise penetrable rate greatly. Because new generation can change head broach to be able to be used,this basically is taller every turn feed. Generally speaking, inside the limits of application of aperture public errand in IT 9-10, do not need any separate finish machining process. A when new generation can change head bit significant advantage depends on it can be being ordered not only make and already undertook optimizing for all sorts of application circumstances. This can use new safe technology, get the high accuracy interface between body and knife head, distinctive platoon the development of blade of bits chamfer structure, cutting, and applicable wider diametical range and all sorts of step, length and receive a handle to wait. New generation can change head broach to have wide applied range: Speed of type of all sorts of application circumstances, Kong Shu, aperture, machine tool, main shaft and different outfit are placed. The rotate speed when the machine tool is inferior, but when broach of dislocation razor blade cannot produce effect adequately, use can change head broach to be able to serve as a kind of solution. In the meantime, it also can make full use of as the good solution of the latent capacity of high-power machine tool. The development standard of broach should ensure namely can move smoothly at the beginning, have smooth cutting effect. To knife head, need to be able to be relaxed in any applied circumstances on the machine tool undertake changing. Now, new can change head broach to must have versatility, can drill simple hole not just, still should have the caboodle getting, bore a hole that get follow in a continuous line, undertake sunken / convex auger enter and get, enter contain tilt exterior workpiece. Anyhow, broach must can apply bigger cutting parameter, make its apply to very wide application range. The cutting blade that CoroDrill 870 can change head bit grand chamfer form and small chamfer form improve process capability and performance a new standard. Included to improve cut bits is formed and discharge bits control, and cutting blade heat treatment, enhanced cutting tool life and security thereby. Cutting blade also undertook improvement, can evaluate cutting tool better wear away degree and more accurate ground cast cutting tool life. Get in what can change head bit what there is security between body and knife head is brand-new interface (patent is in application) , this enhanced the simple sex when knife head changes and security, make accurately fixed position obtains knife head to be propped up very well. Knife head can secure broach to go up with a kind of means only, live surely with lateral bolt lock. Be impossible the component that become loose, the lock is firm surely, in be opposite, be those who carry knife head is oriented sell and knife head inside semicircle column contacts the contact between the surface to come true. To the broach of any types, the eduction that cuts bits and the element that keeping clear of is special key besides cutting area. CoroDrill 870 can discharge the edge that cut bits bits chamfer flow conveniently, accordingly, produce the possibility that cuts bits to jam very small. The brand-new chamfer that discharge bits (in patent application) the figure that has all sorts of differring and dimension, be in whole get helix angle of the vicissitudinous on body, guide the structure that cuts bits with eduction to be able to make sure knife head has enough interface strength and stability. CNC Milling