System of numerical control of Xi Menzi SINUMERIK 840D introduces (2)

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3, system of software of SINUMERIK840D of structure of software of system of SINUMERIK840D numerical control includes 4 kinds of big software: MMC software system, NC software system, PLC software system and communication and drive interface software. 1.

MMC software system all contains the hard disk of 5GB or 10GB in MMC102/103 above system, contain inside system of basic input, output (BIOS) , DR-DOS kernel operating system, Windows95 operating system, and string together a mouth, and the driver such as mouth, mouse and clavier interface, the mutual communication between the SINUMERIK that prop up and outside MMC-CPU, PLC-CPU, NC-CPU and task are harmonious. 2.

System of software of NC of NC software system includes following content: (Nucleus of 1)NCK numerical control is initiative guide software this software solidify is in EPROM. (It includes system of software of control of number of nucleus of 2)NCK numerical control the circular subsystem of machine tool data and standard, it is Xi Menzi company is those who improve a system to use efficiency, and a few commonly used turning of development, milling, get cut and the software such as boring function. The user must understand the parameter meaning ability of every loop Cheng to undertake calling. (3)SINUMERIK611D drive data the relevant parameter that it is the system of drive of SIMODRIVE611D number type that shows form a complete set of place of system of SINUMERIK840D numerical control is used. (4)PCMCIA blocks software system to there is a PCMCIA to insert groove in the setting on NCU, with Yu An memory of outfit PCMCIA PC gets stuck, mix of NCK drive software beforehand inside card drive communication software. 3.

System of software of PLC of PLC software system includes PLC system to support software and PLC program. (The CPU315-2DP that software of 1)PLC system support installs inside system of numerical control of its support SINUMERIK840D but the regular job of controller of process designing logic, this program solidify is inside NCU. (It includes 2)PLC program basic PLC program and user PLC program two parts. 4.

The communication between the person that it basically uses communication and drive interface software at coordinating PLC-CPU, NC-CPU and MMC-CPU3. CNC Milling